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Honor Roll

2020 ~  3rd Trimester

High Honors


Teacher of the Year

Carl Mayhew
Mr. Carl Mayhew

Here are some excerpts from his nomination:

Carl is always finding ways to encourage, and engage all his students.
He is a tremendous role model.
He not only is a fabulous teacher at NHRMS but he is the boys soccer coach as well. He volunteers his time at dances and attends all extra-curricular activities with pleasure. He has gone out of his way to attend children's soccer events that are not school related.
Mr. Mayhew engages and connects with his students in the classroom.
Shows kindness, respect, and genuine care for a child.
He demonstrates patience and understanding with all students’ needs.

Support Staff
Person of the

A Delaney
Ms. Ashley Delaney

Here is a sampling of the comments in her nominations:

Professional, Responsible, Dedicated
Hard working, Outstanding
Extremely dedicated to the students.
She finds the balance between holding our students accountable,
yet being approachable and caring.
Ms. Delaney goes out of her way to make connections with students.
She is a rock star!
Perseveres with challenging students.
Problem solving approach, rather than assigning blame.
Skilled in modifications and accommodations for students.
Offers valuable insight to student performance in class.
Actively involved in school activities.
Valuable team member.
Effective communication skills between staff members.
She goes above and beyond to make sure all of the support 
staff feels secure in their role.s
Collaborating with administration to create a professional
resource for para-educators.  
Offers resources to staff and teaches skills to others.
Supportive and helpful to all the staff.



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Virtual Art Gallery

4th and 5th Grade

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade



Project "O"
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to see all the action and fun
that is part of Project "O"

Group "1" Video
Group "2" Video
Group "5" Video


CT Interscholastic Athletic Conference Unified Sports

The Mike Savage Exemplary Unified Teammate Award

Omar Lopez-Crespo and Galaxy Weiss
In recognition of outstanding dedication and sportsmanship
G. Weiss


Connecticut History Day 

Outstanding Entry Award
Abigail Martin

AM Award
AM Project

Congratulations go out to the following students who
competed in the Regional competition in March.
They were top winners in their category and moved on 
to the state competition. 
S. Brown, A. Martin, C. Tarnowski, C. Valli, B. Shizume

1st place: 
Chelsea Valli, Paper,
Goodspeed Opera House 
Isabella Fitzpatrick and Abigail Watkins,
The Great Depression:
The End of Child Labor in Connecticut
Catherine Tarnowski, Exhibit
Joann Morgan: I’ve Got Rocket Fuel in my Blood

2nd place:
Samuel Brown, Website, Tokugawa Ieyasu 
Lily Jahne and Delila Herold, Documentary,
Women Spies, 
Revolutionary War

3rd place:
Abigail Martin, Exhibit, Mystic Massacre 
Braeden Shizume, Website, Beethoven 

NHD Group
Ms. Bernard, L. Jahne, C. Valli, I. Fitzpatrick, A. Watkins
A. Martin, B. Shizume, S. Brown 
Missing from photo: D. Herold, C. Tarnowski


5th grader, Kaelyn Cambi is competing in the first Virtual State Competition for Connecticut Invention Convention.  

Kaelyn spent endless hours during this distance learning, on top of her assigned classes, to put forth her idea…The Safe-TEE.

This innovative shirt is for children under the age of 14. She learned that three children die every day due to drowning and wanted to find a way to stop that tragedy. She spent hours researching how life jackets work, did experiments to understand monomers and polymers in nylon work, and combined the two ideas in one shirt.

Her idea is for parents on the go. This shirt would be worn prior to any interaction with water. Parents sometimes lose sight of their child. If the child accidentally fell in the water, this fun and comfortable shirt would inflate using a carbon dioxide release to fill the inflatable tubes inside the shirt, and raise the child’s head above the water.

Good Luck Kaelyn!


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National Poetry Month

Please select a poem below to hear it being read

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver
read by Ms. Delaney

The Sea by Shirley Fudge
read by Ms. Rovetti

Early Bird by Shel Silverstein
read by Ms. Matthews

Attitude by Charles Swindoll
read by Ms. Vogl

Tomorrow, At Dawn by Victor Hugo
read by Ms. Plante


Prize Patrol
WTNH ~ 6th grade Prize Patrol Video

Recent News

Stock Market

These students were honored on May 29th at the Hartford Courant.
Congratulations on a job well done!!!

Over 100 NHRMS students participated in this year’s Stock Market Game.  
Each team received $100,000 virtual dollars to spend on stocks.  
They had to learn what the Stock Market is, how it is organized, how to follow the daily trends, and which companies would make them the most money. 
Schools throughout the state competed.


 CT Invention Convention Winner 2019

Stella Brown
Invention: Tidy Tank Gravel Tray

S. Brown

Stella was selected as of of 50 finalists to represent the state of CT at 
The National Event hosted by The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. 
The event will be held beginning Wednesday, May 29th with an orientation and dinner and conclude with the award ceremony on Friday, May 31st.
She will be presenting her invention on the museum floor!

 Tidy Tank
Stella won two awards:

Best Invention Enhancing 
Businesses, Homes, or Lives 

Stella was honored with this prestigious award from 3M.   
Stella was the very first student out of all her competitors to be called down to receive this award.  Her invention is an innovative solution to cleaning fish tanks.  She also had a working prototype for the competition. 

CIC Recognized Inventor Award

Stella also won this award on Saturday.  This award is given to the top inventors in each judging circle.  

Good Luck in The Nationals!


Sam Brown

2019 NHRMS
Geography Bee Winner

Sam Brown 2019
6th grader, Sam Brown

The National Geographic GeoBee is an annual competition designed to inspire and reward students' curiosity about the world.

The GeoBee includes three levels of competition; school, state, and national. 

Students in grades four through eight (4-8) from nearly 10,000 schools across the United States competed locally in the first round of the 2019 National Geographic GeoBee. 

The school winners, including Sam, then take a written test.

As a "top 100" scorer in Connecticut, Sam was eligible to compete in the state Bee on March 29, 2019, held at Central Connecticut State University. 

While Sam did not win that competition, he did make us proud!


 CT History Day Winner 2019

Braeden Shizume
The Triumph and Tragedy of Japanese Internment Camps

B. Shizume


Braeden did a fantastic job of tracing his own family’s heritage.  
His own personal connection through his grandparents’ experience shed light on a dark time in American history.  

Outstanding Entry Related to Civics, Government, or Citizenship Connecticut Democracy Center Award 
CPAN is committed to strengthening civic engagement and participation by providing comprehensive and unbiased educational programming and outreach on state government, civics and citizenship throughout the state of Connecticut. This prize is awarded to the outstanding entry (any category) that relates to an aspect of civics, government of civic 4 participation. Priority is given to projects focused on state government. 

400 students competed Saturday, May 4th at CCSU.

NHD 2019

~~~~Group Documentary~~~~

1st Place - Grade 7, Coltin Little and Oscar Gelston 
The Space Shuttle: Triumphs and Tragedies
 Coltin, Oscar

2nd Place - Grade 8, Michael Kraszewski and Logan German 
Catskills of Connecticut (East Haddam Resorts Rise and Fall)

 Michael ,Logan

~~~~Individual Exhibits~~~~

1st Place - Grade 6, Catherine Tarnowski   
Breaker Boys

Cate Tarnowski

2nd Place - Grade 6, Erin Maneibo 

 Erin Manebo


~~~~Group Exhibits~~~~

1st Place -Grade 6, Sebastian Stricker and Cameron Spurgeon
Lou Gehrig

 Sebastian, Cameron

~~~~Individual Website~~~~

1st Place - Grade 8, Drew MacNeil
Destined to Lead, Destined to 
The Annexation of the Hawaiian Islands 


2nd Place -
 Grade 7, Braeden Shizume 
Triumph and Tragedy in Japanese-American Internment


~~~~Group Website~~~~

3rd Place, Grade 8, Connor Young, Austin Sevigny, Drew Conroy  
Japanese American Internment Camps 

 Connor, Austin, Drew

All of these students will go on to compete in 
the final state competition 
at Central CT State University on Saturday, May 4th. 



 Mock Trial

Congratulations go out to the Mock Trial Team for their success at competition in West Hartford at Kingswood Oxford School.  Our students conducted two separate trials, taking on roles of attorneys and witnesses to the crime provided by Civics First and the CT Bar Association.  During the first trial, they were the prosecution, and during the second trial were the defense.

Each trial consisted of a five minute opener, three witnesses that each had to face seven minutes of direct examination, seven minutes of cross-examination, rebuttal, and at the end, a seven minute closing. During direct examination, the students had to generate their own questions as attorneys, by reading between the lines to use the affidavit to their advantage.  They also had to face the challenge of being questioned by a different school, which required thinking on your feet at all times.  Students also had to admit evidence into the court as well as object to questions on the spot.   

For both trials, the lawyers gave wonderful feedback to our students.  

The majority of the team was brand new this year, and we are proud to say that they won one out of the two trials...and really won overall for taking the risk of such a complex and public activity.

 The best part, is these students did this for FUN! 

 Wyatt Martin, Joseph Kalisz, 
Helena Gendreau, Alynna Karpiej
Kheli Ganesh, Mallory Gowac, 
Kara Hochdorfer



2020 Peace Poster Winners

Nicole Wang

Natalie Dorr

Erin Maniebo


National History Day 2020

Congratulations to the following students for their success
at Saturday’s National History Day regional finals in Norwich. 
They will move on to compete at States on May 2nd 

1st Place Overall

Cate Tarnowski, Exhibit, Joann Morgan – I’ve Got Rocket Fuel in my Blood – Grade 7

Chelsea Valli, Paper, Goodspeed Opera House – Grade 8

Isabella Fitzpatrick and Abigail Watkins, Website, The Great Depression: The End of Child Labor in Connecticut – Grade 8


2nd Place – Overall

Sam Brown, Website, Tokugawa Ieyasu – Grade 7

Lily Jayne and Delila Herold, Documentary, Women Spies, Revolutionary War – Grade 6


3rd Place – Overall

Abby Martin, Exhibit, Mystic Massacre – Grade 7

Braeden Shizume. Website, Beethoven – Grade 8



2020 Geography Bee Winner

Sam Brown
Two years running!


Final question......
The entire group getting ready for the start

The competitors were
Arwen Little, Sydney Jandreau
Trevor Phaneuf, Connor Kittleman 
Jonathan Smith, Sam Brown
Braeden Shizume, Sadie Herold, Ziggy Matthews

Great job everyone!

Principal's Message

2020-2021 School Year

Our first day of school is August 26th. The staff is working hard to get the building in perfect condition for the students.

Due to the pandemic, access to the school is limited this summer. You are welcome to stop by the main office to drop off materials any day 8am – 3pm.  

Later this summer, we will provide information for incoming 4th grade students as part of the transition to visit the classrooms and to receive locker assignments and combinations.

I would like to thank everyone for their support of our middle school this past year and for your patience during the distance learning experience. We have a school-based and district “Re-opening Committees” meeting regularly to plan for the fall. We are creating a comprehensive plan to ensure a safe learning environment for the fall.

MPAC (Middle school Principal Advisory Council) is actively seeking new members and volunteers. This dedicated group of parents will host conversations on topics such as bullying, internet safety, school nutrition, cultural arts, and other day-to-day operations. You can find information about MPAC such as how to join or when the meetings are by accessing the link on our website.   

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me at