Agenda and Minutes

March Meeting Agenda
May 7, 2018 at 7 p.m. in the NHRMS Library

I. Introductions

II. Review of minutes from March 2018 meeting & Treasurer’s Report

III. Open issues

a) After School Programs update

b) Staff Appreciation

c) Spring Book Fair

IV. New business

a) Year End Events:

• 8th Grade Gettysburg Trip

• 3rd Grade Welcome

• 4th-5th Grade Luau (Emma Aguilera)

• 8th Grade Yearbook Signing

• 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

b) MPAC vacancies: Treasurer, First Day Coordinator

c) Last Meeting- June 4th

V. Principal’s Report

4th grade disbursements

VI. Open Discussion

Reminder: Referendum Vote, Town Meeting Hall, 492 Town Street, East Haddam, 6am-8pm