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Teacher of the Year 2022

Mrs. Jody Quinn

These are just a few of the excerpts from her nomination:

Every day, week, month, and year, Jody creates and implements stellar lessons that are engaging.

She knows how to challenge every student to do his/her best.

I am a better teacher because of what I learned from her.

Jody is the best teacher I have ever worked with!

Always enthusiastic when interacting with her students.

Makes her classroom fun and exciting.

Willing to lend a hand to help make things easier for others.

Her priority is always about what is best for the students.

We are so lucky to have her teaching at NHRMS!

Support Staff
Person of the
 Year 2022

Mrs. Maria Gamberale

Here are some excerpts from her nomination:

Maria deserves recognition due to her love for the students and her dedication to the East Haddam community.

She can be counted on to be there if you need a helping hand.

She always has an approachable, kind attitude.

Maria is always consistently supportive of the students.

She works cooperatively with all staff.

Maria is passionate about our school community, as demonstrated by her attendance at after school events like dances, games, and ceremonies.

Summer Clubs and Activities 
We are excited to offer a wide variety of opportunities this summer for our students who will attending the middle school next fall.
All of the school clubs and activities are free of charge.

School Library Summer Hours
Our library will be open for book exchange every Wednesday, July 6th - August 17th ... 12:30pm - 2:30 pm
[email protected]org

Train Club
Tuesdays 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9
 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Please email Mr. Mike with your interest so he can order supplies
[email protected]

Bike Club
This club is designed for riders of all abilities
Wednesday Evenings  6:00 - 8:00pm
Meet in the front parking lot
More details will follow
[email protected]
[email protected]


NHRMS Summer Reading Camp
The Governor's Summer Reading Challenge

Although we were able to return to a sense of normalcy this school year, we do recognize that we still have to be mindful of the ripple effect the past couple of years has had on our students. We are pleased to inform you that we have programs in place to help enrich your child’s reading and math skills this summer! 
The i-Ready Instructional program membership for reading and math will continue throughout the summer and will expire on August 14th.  We strongly recommend that you make a plan with your child to continue using the i-Ready program throughout the summer months. A suggested usage may be fifteen minutes per day, three to four times per week for each subject and can be tweaked accordingly. If your child has a Lexia Core 5 or Power Up account that will also be available all summer. Students entering grade 5 will still be able to use IXL for math support and practice. Each of these programs can be accessed through the Clever portal.   We appreciate all that you have done to assist your child this year. Completing this work will not only prevent your child from experiencing the “summer slide,” but will also help continue to move your child forward. 

Please feel free to contact either one of us with any questions.

Thank you,

Melissa Torrente

NHRMS Reading and Language Arts Specialist

[email protected]

Kimberly Towle

NHRMS Math Consultant

[email protected]


Summer Reading Enrichment Camp

Summer Reading Camp for students entering grades 4,5 or 6.
Summer Beach Read Camp for students entering grades 7 and 8.

Grades 4,5 6 will be offered on select Wednesdays from 11:30 - 12:30 on July 13, 20, 27, and August 3

Each week will feature a read aloud and a reading game.

Students may attend 1 session or may choose to attend all sessions. 
Each session will be independent of the other sessions.

Grades 7 and 8 will be offered on the same Wednesdays as listed above from 12:30-1:30.

7/8 grade students should plan on attending all or most of these sessions as they will be reading and discussing a book.  The students and the facilitator will select the book during the first session.  Students should plan on doing some reading outside of the camp so that they are prepared for the book club discussion each week.

The school library will be open at this time so students can also participate in book exchange.
Scan the code to sign up for Summer Reading Enrichment Camp

Sign Up for Reading


The Governor's Summer Reading Challenge

Governor's Reading

Grade 3-4
Grades 5-6
Grades 7-8
Printable Reading Journal




Honor Roll
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Trimester 3

High Honors



CABE Student Leadership Award 

Congratulations to Lily Jahne and CJ Lowe 
They were presented with the 2022  CT Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Student Leadership Award at the  May 10th 
East Haddam Board of Education meeting.

      Lily      CJL
CABE Awards are presented to students who exhibit exemplary leadership skills. School administration and staff are asked to nominate students who demonstrate willingness to take on challenges, capability to make difficult decisions, concern for others, ability to work with others, willingness to commit to a project, diplomacy, ability to understand issues clearly and the ability to honor a commitment.



Connecticut History Day 2022


Two of our 8th students, Molly Beach and Faith Kalisz, took 4th place overall for the state of Connecticut with their group website.  They also won a Special Prize for Outstanding Entry in Women's History Junior Division.  Their research focus was on Sister Kenny, a forgotten hero of the battle against paralysis during the devastation of polio.  Her clinic, which we would now call physical therapy, led to great success in the treatment of the impact of polio.

We also have to honor of having two of our 7th-grade students win second place in each of their categories and will be moving on to the National Competition, which will take place virtually in June!  Only 18 categories are awarded this opportunity.  Kaelyn Cambi created a documentary about the potential boycott of the 1936 Olympics held in Germany.  She discovered through her analysis the role of the unintentional consequences of the United States' choice to attend the games. and the impact it had on the progression of the Holocaust.  Kira Rand created an exhibit about the Radium Girls.  She investigated and learned how the role of the worker and the rights that were violated by using radium led to the role that the Environmental Protection Agency that protects workers today.  They will have the next month to improve their projects in order to compete against the best of the best from all 50 states.  National History Day has over a half a million children across the country participate every year with the focus on inquiry-based learning, understanding and applying the research process for both secondary and primary sources, and creating their own product based on student choice-student voice.  

Norwich Regional Contest Results

 NHD Group

Category: Junior Papers

Rowan Vitali - First Place: 32 vs 33, Saviors of the NBA: An Examination of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s Impact on the NBA


Category: Junior Individual Documentary

Kaelyn Cambi - First Place: The Olympic Boycott Debate of 1936: Changing the Face of Discrimination Through Diplomacy

Lily Jahne - Second Place: Eunice Kennedy Shriver: The Creation of the Special Olympics as an Outlet for Athletic Equality  


Category: Junior Individual Exhibit

Kira Rand - Second Place: The Debate of Radium and Diplomacy of its Evil  

Lia Scott - Third Place: The Black 14 Lia Scott


Category: Junior Group Website

Molly Beach and Faith Kalisz - First Place: Sister Kenny: The Debate Over the Kenny Method   

Madilyn Curtis and Lauren Drozd - Third Place: Title IX


Category: Junior Individual Website

 Arwen Little - First Place: To Drink or Not to Drink: The Debate Over Prohibition

Jackson Libero - Second Place: Malcolm X vs. J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI  

Isabella Laban - Third Place: The Debate Around Working Women and Our Continuous Attempts at Diplomacy 

Math Team Competition

The NHRMS math team held the local MathCounts competition yesterday afternoon to determine who will represent our school at the chapter level next month.
Congratulations to our competitors!
Thank you to Coaches MacNeil and Ingalls for hosting this awesome event.

Math Counts online competition top scorers per grade:
6th Grade: Tyler Kolek
7th Grade: Arwin Little
8th Grade: Ian Cook

Math Counts online competition top 3 scorers:
1st place: Ian Cook
2nd place: Tyler Kolek
3rd place: Arwin Little/Anna Bruck

Countdown Round
1st place: Ian Cook 
2nd place: Arwin Little 

Top 4 Overall including Countdown Round:
1st place: Ian Cook
2nd Place: Tyler Kolek
3rd place: Arwin Little
4th place: Anna Bruck

The top 12 who will compete at the chapter level on 2/17 are:
Ian Cook                        Michael Zieler
Tyler Kolek                     Luke Sands
Arwen Little                    Atticus Marshall
Anna Bruck                    Kayleigh Roy
Collin Campagna           Kade Karpiej
August Riccio                 Brian New
Math Team



Teacher of the Year 2021

Jillian Palmer
Ms. Jillian Palmer

Here are some excerpts from her nomination:

Jill is a top-quality teacher who understands the importance
of reaching all learners

Challenges students to revise their work and truly realize
their potential as writers

Instrumental in teaching students about the Holocaust

Boldly takes on long-term projects

Developed relationships with students who would have otherwise disengaged from learning

Team leader who communicates effectively and efficiently with administration, co-workers, and parents

Created Noisemakers, a student-led program that encourages students to be decision makers in their community and impact change so all students have someone to turn to in time of need

Makes meaningful, positive contributions to the school community

We are so lucky to have her teaching at NHRMS!


Support Staff
Person of the
 Year 2021

Patrick Miett
Mr. Patrick Miett

Here are some excerpts from his nomination:

Impressive patience, compassion, responsibility, and dedication
to the Hale-Ray community

He is incredibly devoted to bringing out the best in students – both academically and socially

Truly cares about every student and takes the time to get to know them

Students really connect with and respect him

Never hesitates to step up, help out, and take on far
more responsibility than his job requires

Patrick has coached the boys’ basketball team and
numerous intramural sports

Engages professionally with his peers and is highly valued
for his opinion and contributions

Very dependable and rarely misses a day of work

We would be at such a loss without him!


Principal's Message

2022-2023 School Year


MPAC (Middle school Principal Advisory Council) is actively seeking new members and volunteers. This dedicated group of parents will host conversations on topics such as internet safety, school nutrition, cultural arts, and other day-to-day operations. You can find information about MPAC such as how to join or when the meetings are by accessing this link:  MPAC Website

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]